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Up to £5000. Max. 15 months. 8.3% APR (all evidence) 12.6% APR (minimum evidence)
New members can apply for this loan when joining Crownsavers. £1,000 over 1 year is just £134 interest!
Up to 3x your savings. 12.68% APR. Max. £10,000. Up to 5 years
Up to £5,000. 7.3% APR. Max. 3 years. Minimum savings: £50. Not linked to savings
Take out an Energy Loan, and you'll reduce your fuel bills, and help combat climate change. 0% APR. Up to £3,000. Max 3 years
Home Owners only. Up to £10,000. 6.3% APR. Minimum savings £50. Up to 5 years. Not linked to savings
Up to £500. Max. 4 months. 26.8% APR
Rather than raiding your savings, why not take out a security loan instead? It's quick and easy! 6.3% APR. All we need is your recent payslip
For members with little savings who haven't taken out a loan. Up to £600 + shares. 12.68% APR.

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"Financial cooperation for members by members"
Membership is open to anyone working or self-employed within the Borough of Lewisham
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Lewisham Employees Credit Union (Crownsavers) is a FCA licensed deposit taker

pdf file logo Standard Loan Application Form (Up to 3 times your savings)
pdf file logo Quick loan Application form (Our version of a Pay Day loan/Up to £500 over 4 months)
pdf file logo Starter Loan Application form (Starter loan for new members /Up to £1,000 on Payroll - £500 on Standing Order)
pdf file logo Security Loan Application Form (Our lowest interest loan, an alternative to withdrawing your shares/ Up to the amount you have on your savings)
pdf file logo Car Loan Application Form (To buy a new/second hand car/Up to £5,000 - not a multiplication of your savings)
pdf file logo Energy Loan Application Form (0% interest rate, to buy an energy-saving product, click on the link to learn more/Up to £3,000)
pdf file logo Home Owner's Loan Application Form (Home owners only/Up to £10,000 - not a multiplication of your savings)
pdf file logo Kick Start Loan Application Form (For members who haven't had a loan with us and didn't apply for the Starter Loan/Up to £600 + amount in your savings)
pdf file logo Summer Loan Application Form (8% Interest Rate, up to £5,000 - not a mutiplication of your savings - all evidence necessary)
pdf Summer Standard Loan Application Form (12% Interest Rate, up to £5,000 - not a mutiplication of your savings - only need 2 most recent payslips)
pdf file logo Top Up Loan Application Form (To top up your Standard Loan. A third of your loan must have been payed off)
Loan sittings are held every fortnight, on a Tuesday. Note: Home Owner Loans do not apply to these loan sitting dates. Please ring the office for more information. The dates for the future sittings are listed below:
Tuesday Tuesday Tuesday Tuesday
January 2014 14th 28th
February 2014 11th 25th
March 2014 11th 25th
April 2014 8th 22nd
May 2014 6th 20th
June 2014 3rd 17th
July 2014 1st 15th  29th
August 2014 12th 26th
September 2014 9th 23rd
October 2014 7th 21st
November 2014 4th 18th
December 2014 2nd 9th 16th  23rd

Please note that loan applications will need to be returned to the office on the Friday before the loan sitting by 4pm, at the latest. We are unable to process applications received on the day of the loan sitting.

Members will be contacted by the Credit Committee if there are any queries with your loan application.

If the loan is approved, cheques will be available for collection on the Friday of the loan sitting week. If it’s a direct payment into your account, funds will be cleared into your bank account on the Thursday / Friday of the loan sitting week (We are aware of banks immediate payments facilities, however, the credit union still needs two authorisation signatures on bank transfers)

Subject to the policy of the Credit Union and Government money laundering regulations, lump sums deposited into Share Accounts, will not be calculated in loan availability if a loan is requested within 6 months of that deposit.

Share Withdrawals

Share Withdrawals are done twice a week, on Tuesdays and Thursdays. This means that if you present a share withdrawal before 2:30 pm on Tuesday, you'll have the money in your account on Wednesday morning. If you present it between 2:30 pm on Tuesday and 2:30 pm on Thursday, the money will be in your account Friday morning.

Share withdrawal form

Dear Members,

As I'm sure you are aware we have been experiencing down-time on our servers over the past couple of weeks.
This is due to the servers not being able to cope with the demand placed on them as a result of the popularity of the members area service.
We do apologize for the disruption you have experienced and are doing our utmost to ensure we get this rectified for you as soon as possible. We thank you for your patience whilst we get this resolved. Read more


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Please note that loan applications will now need to be returned to the office on the Friday before the loan sitting by 4pm, at the latest. Read more




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